Things you should know about me: 1. My name is Sarah. 2. I live in Blériot, in France. 3. I'm Metisse, half Marocan an half French. 4. Taekwondo it's my best sport. 5. my favourites activities of all time are: read mangas and webcomics and watch animes !!<3 6. I love Japan culture and language so I learn to read, writte and talk because I want to live in this beutiful country!!!<3<3<3 7. My best heros in mangas and animes are: Osamu Dazai(Bungou Stary Dogs), Monkey.D.Luffy(One Piece), Eren Jagër(Shingeki no... [Lire la suite]
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Hello,  My name is Célestine, i am is thirteen years old I live in Fréthun. I have three sisters and a brothers. My parents are divorced. I have a dog , she name is LUNE ( chihuahua ). I love cooking cakes with my family. My favourite sports is biking and swimming. I love spend time with my friends, my most important friends are: Lalie, Suzie, Lucie and Emma.    
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There are only eight things to know about me 1: My name is Lalie.    2: 14 years on Earth. 3: My passions are sleeping, eating, reading, boxing and shopping !   4: My heroes are Heathcliff ( Wuthering Heights), James Harden ( Houston Rockets ), Charles Baudelaire, and Charlie Chaplin ! 5: My favorite movies are Pulp Fiction and Harry Potter.    6: I love Burger King, fast food is my life ! 7: I live in Bleriot.   8: My dream is to become a scientist ;)
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There are only seven things that are important to know about me: 1- My name is Mathis and I am a boy 2- I'm 14 years old. 3- I live in Peuplingues in France. 4- I love animals (this is my passion) and I like play video games 5- I have 1 brother, 1 dog and 2 rabbits 6- Later, I would like to be animal trainer in a zoo 7- I have blond hair and blue eyes.
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Hello, My name is Lola and i'm 14. I live in sangatte. My parents are divorced. I'm half french and half english. I love dancing and watch dance. My favorite color is black. My best friends are called Anna, Jade, Zia and Malorie.  I watch all the time series like Stanger Things, Riverdale or Good doctor. I have 2 dogs, they names are Irish and Yoko. I would like to travel to Canada and Vienna to see a ballet.     
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Hey! My name is Angèle and I am 14 years old. My mother is english and my father is french so I am bilingual. I live in Coquelles and i have two brothers. I have a cat, her name is Evie and she love cuddles. When I've got time I draw, I watch series like: Riverdale, stranger things, Izombie, Good doctor,scream... In the futur I would like to be a forensic doctor. My favorite animal is the cat. I would like to travel Canada, Ireland and Scotland... The most important thing in my life are my friends, my family and my cat!  ... [Lire la suite]
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There are only eight things that important to know about me: - I love to read (my favourite book is "Harry Potter and the goblet of fire"), -My best heroes are Emma Watson and Jane Seymour, -I have a dog and a rabbit (their names are Nouko and Calie), -I am afraid of snakes, horses, fish, clown and night, -I hate E.P, -My favourites subjects are English and Spanish, -I would like to be an English and Spanish teacher, -I don't watch some series but I like "Doctor Quinn, medicine women" (in french, of course!)
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Hello, my name is Pierre. I am 13 years old. I live in Coquelles. I like Basketball and Tennis. My favorite Basketball team is Boston Celtics. My dream is to go in USA to look a match of Boston. I have two brothers: Louis and Simon. I am a mirror of Louis. He is 19 years old and Simon is 16 years old. My parent are married and there are nice.I like playing with my friend video games, sport... I play in a basketball team with my friends. I am a great fan of Percy Jackson and of the mythology in general. My favorite film is 300. My... [Lire la suite]
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Hello my name is Oceane☺,my parents are married.I have a dog, her name is roxy .I love to travel ,I have already traveled to Belgium,Netherlands ,England and Spain.I love spend time with my family ,my friends and I do shopping.Maybe my quality is shy and my failing is stubborn🙂.My favorite color is Purple😀
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Hey, i' m Abigaël. I live in Bleriot-plage. I am 14 years old. I likes cinema and shopping. My parents are divorced. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. I love raclette is my favorite dish. The most beautiful animal is cat. Dogs scare me. I love ski. My Best sport is horse ridding.
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