Our trip :

We arrived at the « folkestone school for girls » in 9:00. We were going in a lesson of sciences for Axel and Thomas and in a english’s lesson for Marius.

After that, we lunched in the school. In the afternoon, we visited the totality of the school. And the city « sandgate ».


Our experience :

In the lesson, Marius has worked on Shakespeare, Axel has worked science experience and Thomas has worked solar systeme.



Our impressions:Axel’s impressions are :

It was a good trip, the school is beautiful, and bigger than our school. My penfriend was nett. This day was good.

Thomas’s impression are :

It was a good trip, my penfriend was good and nice,friendly.The school is bigger and beautiful.

Marius’s impression are :

The school is very big, it was impressive, my penfriend was beautiful.I love she.