Welcome to our blog!

We will use the blog to post articles about things we study in and also to communicate with our English penpals from our twin city, Sandgate!


You are free to comment on the articles in English!

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Your first article

You can now start your first article (->"Nouveau message"). Follow the instructions step by step!     Instructions:   Contents: Introduce yourself, but remember: no family name, no exact address or email address. Use the document from your notebook to help you! I asked you to write your presentation on your notebook. The penpals will read the articles and decide who could be their ideal penpal. Remember to save your work as you go ("enregistrer en brouillon"). Post your article... [Lire la suite]
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How to become a member of the blog

Are you ready to join the blog? It's simple! Just follow the 3 steps: - Step 1: Invent a pseudonym. Take your first name and your favourite thing in English! (ex: JulieWindsurf)   - Step 2: Open your e-mail box and send me an email with your pseudo and your real name! (example: Hello Miss! I'm Julie Smith, My pseudo on the blog is JulieWindsurf.) My email address is [urteachermissm (gmail.com)]    I will invite you on the blog!   via GIPHY   - Step 3: You will receive an invitation... [Lire la suite]
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