7 jaws "SHINCHAN" BY BorisNBA

7 Jaws - SHINCHAN    https://youtu.be/G_Y50m6kxFs  
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Eva "On Fleek" by Abigaëlski

Eva - On Fleek ft. Lartiste
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Eva "Bella" by ClaraRed

Eva - Bella
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Lomepal "Trop beau" by ZiaTriathlon

Lomepal - Trop beau (Clip officiel)
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Angèle by carolineathletics

Angèle - Ta Reine | A COLORS SHOW
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Christmas is coming!

Hello everybody!    Christmas cards are an important tradition in Britain. Did you know that Christmas cards were actually a British invention? You can read about Christmas cards and other British traditions here: (click on the picture!)   Homework: In your notebook, write what you understand about the origins of the Christmas cards. Write your favourite tradition from the top ten. Justify your choice! DIY Christmas Cards: Before the holidays, I want you to create a card and write a message to your... [Lire la suite]
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Hello my name is Victor, I live in Sangatte near Calais in the north of France. I’m 14 years old, I have grey/blue eyes and brown hair. My favorites hobbies are the sport (bike,surf,run...), the differents series and travel. I traveled to Canaries Islands and differents countries like Turkey,Tunisia… and recently I went to the USA it was a marvelous experience ! I have one big sister and one dog. I’m sociable and I love my friends !
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Hello My name is Julesurf. I'am 14 years old. I living in Sangatte, my passion is drawing and the windsurf . I study in Louis Blériot collége.
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FélixFortnite   Hello my name is Felix. I live in coquelles in the north of france. I'm 14 years old . I studdy in the college Louis Bleriot in in blériot. My passions /hobbies are rugby , fishing , cooking , drawing and I realy like play video games. I have two dogs and two cats. My « heros » are the french player Gotaga and the american rapper 6IX9INE. Finaly I like listen rap music and my favourite rappers are 6IX9INE, Kodak Black,Lefa and I like also the band Twenty One Pilots .
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