PowerCat My name is Lucie, my pseudo is PowerCat ! I am a girl, I am 14 years. I am in year 10 ( 3ème in French ) My hairs are brown, my eyes are green-brown, I love cats ! I have got one, his name is Chaussette. And I love football, just only we win the world cup !! My hobbies are drawing, horse riding, boxing, eating and Netflix (; I live in Calais, in North of French. I have got one brother, his name is Louis, he is 12 years. My grand father was born in Folkeston and I went to England many times.
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Hello, There are only eight things to know about me:1.My name is Lola .2.I am 14 years old .3.My passions are running,eating,reading and sleeping!🏃4.My favorite movie is Harry Potter. 🎬5.I am in years 10.6.I live in Bleriot.7.I love fast food ( McDonald’s )! 🍔🍟8.I love animals , i have a dog , his name is Indy!🐕        
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Hello my name is mathis i'm 14 years old. I have got one dog and one cat . My favorite color is green. I play basket ball. My favorites sports are basketball and hand ball. I love video games and fish and chips . I play fortnite and Call of Duty Black ops 4. I have got one brother (Victor). My father is ingenier and my mother is infirmier.
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Hello my name is Chloé. I live in Coquelles. I have one brother. I have 14 years old. My best sport is dance. My passion is music. I love my friend.
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Hello, my name is Clément. Im 14 years old, i like to play tennis. And i live in Blériot.
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My presentation   Hello my name is Emile and I am 13 years old . I love football and the video games . I have 1 brother, 1 sister and 2 cats . My brother's name is Paul and he has 17 years old, my sister's name is Claire and she has 16 years old . My favourite football team is the Athetico Madrid . I play football in Coquelles . My mother's name is Doriane and my father's name is Rémy .  
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Hello,my name is Axel,I have thirteen years old.I live in Calais,in France. My parents are married,Karaté ist my best sport and i like badminton. My best friend name is Alexandre. I like english and sport but i don’t like frensh and maths. For food,I like hamburger with chips,and cola.I don’t like lemon. I’m good on school,I good work. Bye !
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Hey, my name is Eliot and i'm 14 and i live in Blériot. I have two sis and two bro, it's too ! I have a cat( the best animal !), it's a female and her name is Pois-Chiche.  Climb and swim are my favorites sports. I love video games (just one name : Monika !), drawing, reading comics (hey i'm the batman !) and watch anime (Assassination classroom is the best !) !  My dream is to be a cartoonist for video games and cartoons ! I think it's the end because i haven't more things on me. BYE !
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Hello, My name is Enzo H and I live in Calais in the north of France I'm 14 years old and I have one holder sister My favourite hobbie is windsurfing
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Hello,my name is Enzo.I am fourteen years old.I like football and chocolate.I doesn't like tennis.  
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