Hello !! My name is Malorie I'm 13 years old I am a french and I live in Bonningues les Calais I have one sister, My parents are married Horse riding is my passion My best friend is Jade  
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:)There are only seven things to know about me :)     -I'm 14 years old. -I live in Coquelles, in France. -I'm french and a little english. -My best friends are Lou and Noa. -I love METAL, video games and drums. -I have 3 gold fishs : Nemo, Larry and Rajesh. -My idols are James Hetfield, Bruce Dickinson, Lars Ulrich, Dave Mustaine, Alissa White-gluz, Floor Jansen and Tarja Turunen.   e               
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Evapink presentation

Hello, I'm Evapink. I am fourteen years old and I live in Calais. I have one sister and my parents are married. I am french but I have a Belgian origins. My best friends is Lucas and he is in the college. I likes sport, shopping, cinema and going to the beach. Tennis is my best sport, I play in the club "stc calais". My favorite color is pink and my favorite dish is tartiflette. The animal I find the cutest is koala. I loves music and I dancing on it obviously !Avatar_eva  
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Hello ! My name is Pierre.  I am fourteen years old. I live in Coquelles, a town near Calais.  I am French and Ch'ti. Ch'ti is how people from Northern France are called.  I live with my parents. They have been married for ten years. I have got a big sister, she is twenty-three years old. She is very nice.  I have got a fluffy cat called Lino.  I am fond of sport, i love playing football. I play in a team three times a week.  My best friend is Michel, he loves football as well.  My heroe is... [Lire la suite]
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Hello, my name is ZiaTriathlon  I am fourteen years old.  I live in Sangatte.  I have one brother. My parents are married. Triathlon is my passion (my club is the Lys Calais Triathlon). I also do swimming (my club is Calais Natation). My best friends are Jade, Jade and Malorie. I love traveling with my friends for triathlon competitions. I love to train.      
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hello, my name is carolineathletic.  I'm fourteen years old.  I live in bonningues-les-calais.  I'm half german and half italian, even though i'm all french.  My parents are married since seventeen years.  I have one sister and one brother.  Athletic (I practice in BLCA) and climbing (I practice in verticalais) are my best sports.  My best friend's name is Margot. My best heroes are yeslena isimbayeva ,she is pole vault's world champion, Lili Reinhart ,she is an... [Lire la suite]
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Hello , my name is BorisNBA .  I'm fourteen years old , I live in Bleriot Beach , near Calais .  I am french but I have Italian and Portuguese origins . I am very cool and sociable,sometimes I am edgy . But , most of the time I am kind and and funny .  I have one sister and one brother .  They are great .  My parents are married .  I practise Basketball , it's the best sport ever . The name of my club is "Calais Basket" . Calais Basket is one of the best teams in the north of France .  ... [Lire la suite]
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    Hello,    My name is Mathilde and I'm 14 years old. I live in « Blériot-plage » in France. I love music, to sing and I play a lot of musical instruments. I love my friends and if I were to describe myself in three words, I'd say I'm cool, sometime a little crazy and a big dreamy. I like to see love movies, read love books and I'm so romantic... Also, I hate run and to be inactive. My favorite actress is Kate Winslet, she is so beautiful. I like Lindsey Stirling (she play violin) and my favorites... [Lire la suite]
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There are only eight things that are important to know about me: 1- I'm 13 years old. 2- I live in Calais in France. 3- I'm all French but I'm a little bit, Belgian, Spanish and Vietnamese. 4- My best friend's name in Inès. 5- I love K-pop ; Manga ; And Korean drama. 6- I have two cats ; Tokyo (6 month old ) and Fifi (12 years old). 7- Later, I would like to be a psychologist. 8- I have brown hair and black eyes.  
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Your first article

You can now start your first article (->"Nouveau message"). Follow the instructions step by step!     Instructions:   Contents: Introduce yourself, but remember: no family name, no exact address or email address. Use the document from your notebook to help you! I asked you to write your presentation on your notebook. The penpals will read the articles and decide who could be their ideal penpal. Remember to save your work as you go ("enregistrer en brouillon"). Post your article... [Lire la suite]
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