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Welcome to our blog!

We will use the blog to post articles about things we study in and also to communicate with our English penpals from our twin city, Sandgate!


You are free to comment on the articles in English!

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Christmas is coming!

Hello everybody! 


Christmas cards are an important tradition in Britain. Did you know that Christmas cards were actually a British invention?

You can read about Christmas cards and other British traditions here: (click on the picture!)




In your notebook, write what you understand about the origins of the Christmas cards. Write your favourite tradition from the top ten. Justify your choice!

DIY Christmas Cards:

Before the holidays, I want you to create a card and write a message to your penpal!

Your card is due for next Tuesday (for group 1) or Thursday (for group 2)

Because we have to send it quickly before the holidays, this date is the LAST LIMIT 

Your card must be handmade! Here is some inspiration for your creations: (Click on the picture)

pinterest board


  • Instructions: 

In your text you will...

1-Souhaiter un Joyeux Noël et/ou de bonnes fêtes de fin d'année en français à ta correspondante

2-Write about your plans for the holidays (Are you going somewhere? Visiting family? Will you have a family dinner for Christmas?.....)

3-ask questions about their plans*.  (*get help in your English book -> n°2 p 20)

4-If you celebrate Christmas: say what your dream present is!


Travail noté. Possibilité d'obtenir un bonus pour les cartes soignées et/ou originales!

La grille de notation est visible ici : Eval_Christmas_card (possibilité de l'utiliser pour s'auto-évaluer!)

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Hello my name is Victor, I live in Sangatte near Calais in the north of France.

I’m 14 years old, I have grey/blue eyes and brown hair.

My favorites hobbies are the sport (bike,surf,run...), the differents series and travel.

I traveled to Canaries Islands and differents countries like Turkey,Tunisia… and recently I went to the USA it was a marvelous experience !

I have one big sister and one dog. I’m sociable and I love my friends !

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My name is Julesurf. I'am 14 years old. I living in Sangatte, my passion is drawing and the windsurf . I study in Louis Blériot collége.


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Hello my name is Felix.

I live in coquelles in the north of france.

I'm 14 years old .

I studdy in the college Louis Bleriot in in blériot.

My passions /hobbies are rugby , fishing , cooking , drawing and I realy like play video games. I have two dogs and two cats.

My « heros » are the french player Gotaga and the american rapper 6IX9INE.

Finaly I like listen rap music and my favourite rappers are 6IX9INE, Kodak Black,Lefa and I like also the band Twenty One Pilots .

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My name is Lucie,

my pseudo is PowerCat !

I am a girl,

I am 14 years. I am in year 10 ( 3ème in French )

My hairs are brown, my eyes are green-brown,

I love cats ! I have got one, his name is Chaussette.

And I love football,

just only we win the world cup !!

My hobbies are drawing, horse riding, boxing, eating and

Netflix (;

I live in Calais, in North of French.

I have got one brother, his name is Louis, he is 12 years.

My grand father was born in Folkeston and I went to England many times.


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There are only eight things to know about me:
1.My name is Lola .
2.I am 14 years old .
3.My passions are running,eating,reading and sleeping!🏃
4.My favorite movie is Harry Potter. 🎬
5.I am in years 10.
6.I live in Bleriot.
7.I love fast food ( McDonald’s )! 🍔🍟
8.I love animals , i have a dog , his name is Indy!🐕





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Hello my name is mathis i'm 14 years old. I have got one dog and one cat .

My favorite color is green. I play basket ball. My favorites sports are basketball and hand ball.

I love video games and fish and chips . I play fortnite and Call of Duty Black ops 4. I have got one brother (Victor).

My father is ingenier and my mother is infirmier.

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avatar bloc

Hello my name is Chloé.

I live in Coquelles.

I have one brother.

I have 14 years old.

My best sport is dance.

My passion is music.

I love my friend.

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